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Company Overview

BHLine Marketing is a tinted solution provider powerhouse located in Johor, Malaysia. We began our operation since 2017 and have grown due to excellent products and partners. We started out small with just few peoples and a small office, today we have 3 branches and few teams of excellent co-workers to carry out their daily tasks.

We achieved our success because we have invested in product development and team building. We have work closely with our manufacturer to adapt to the latest technologies in the tinted industry. Now our tinted not just works great in vehicles, but also works great in houses, offices, hospitals, hotels and also schools. And we will continue to promote health and heat reduction solutions for our communities.

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BHLine is redefining the tinted industry with our revolutionary IONize tinted, which will greatly enhance the health status of our clients.

Our missions

  • Increase our branches in Malaysia
  • Grow our dealers in Malaysia
  • Promote our tinted to homes and offices
  • Promote our tinted to schools and hospitals
  • Grow our customer support and sales team
  • Continue to develop new products

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